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Dual Handcuff Carrier

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Handcuff carriers are designed to work with Peerless Chained, Peerless Hinged, Smith & Wesson Model 100 Chained, Smith and Wesson Hinged, ASP Chained and ASP Hinged Handcuffs

 Select each model of Handcuff for each individual carrier.

  • Works on regular belts,  duty belts or gear with MOLLE webbing (depending on attachment chosen)

  • Made from .08” Kydex

  • 3 points of connection between the handcuff carriers

  • Adjustable friction retention on each side of the cuffs

  • Ambidextrous

Available with the following belt attachments.

  • Paddle

  • MOLLE Lok clips (for use on MOLLE webbing)

  • Blade-Tech Tek-Lok

* Handcuffs not included