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My gun is NOT on the list. Can you still make it? 

No we cannot. Custom work takes much longer to create molds, blocking material and other needed jigs. Due to this increased time to make a mold we have eliminated custom work to decrease the wait time for our customers. 

We are continually adding new guns as we can, check back often or Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to keep track of our latest announcements. 


My light/laser set up is not on the list. Can you still make it? 

Not at this time. We are continually adding new models as we can, check back often or Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep track of our latest announcements. 


Can you make a mold of my gun and use it for future holsters? 

No, we specialize in holsters, not mold guns. All our mold guns are purchased through professional companies that specialize in mold weapon production. 

How long will it take to get my order once it is placed? 

This varies and depends on when you placed your order. Our most current wait time is listed at the top of the home page, but may change depending on order volume. Please use our Contact Form to inquire about the current wait time when you are ready to order if you have any other questions or concerns. 


 Will Kydex® cause excessive wear to my gun? 

Any holster that your firearm will be going in and out of on a regular basis will cause wear to a firearms finish over time. Kydex® has actually been shown to wear a firearm LESS than leather over time. While leather tends to retain dirt and debris, which can damage your firearms finish, Kydex® can simply be rinsed with water to clear any foreign particles. If damage to your firearms finish is your primary concern, you may want to reconsider purchasing a holster, and instead purchase a glass display case. Your firearm is a tool.  Just like you should not be concerned with signs of wear on your expensive ratchet set, you should not be concerned with signs of wear on your firearm. 


What is "Custom Printed Kydex" in your color selection? 


Custom Printed Kydex is special ordered Kydex® that is capable of holding practically any image you want. The image is Thermally Infused into the Kydex® providing a strong, near indestructible image or pattern on the Kydex®. The image is IN the Kydex® and you will not feel the image as you run your fingers across it. See examples in our Gallery. 

If you want to order a custom image on your Kydex®, you must contact us and send us your image. You can send images to Once the image is approved you can place your order online. 

Will my holster accommodate my threaded barrel, Extended slide stop, suppressor sights, etc? 

All of our holsters are made with a  1/4" high sight channel to accommodate the suppressor height sights. If your firearm has a threaded barrel, all of out holsters ship with an "Open Barrel" which will provide an unobstructed opening for the end of the barrel. 


Do you offer MIL/LEO/First Responders discounts? 

Omega Holsters, LLC offers a 10% discount on individual orders for all military (both active and retired), law enforcement, EMTs, firefighters, and dispatchers. To receive this discount this is what you need to do before you submit your order: 

1)Use our CONTACT FORM and use your official email address (.mil/.gov/etc.). If you do not have an official email we will need a legible copy or photo of your official ID or credentials. 

2)Wait for a reply with the proper coupon code that will be sent to the provided email. 

3)Place your order and remember to input the provided coupon code. 


Do you offer FREE SHIPPING? 

YES! Individual Online Orders over $80 receive Free shipping.  Free shipping does not apply to bulk orders. 


I ordered a holster that uses the "soft loops" but when I put them on there is a lot of up and down movement of the loop on my belt. How do I fix it? 

The IWB soft loops are adjustable to fit belts from 1.25 inches - 2.00 inches. They are installed and shipped in the middle adjustment mark. If you unsnap them you will see additional holes.  Simply remove the hardware and reinstall using the holes that match the width of your belt. 

What is a Sweat Guard? 

The sweat guard is the extended portion of Kydex® on the back of the holster that extends up the slide to prevent direct contact with your skin. This helps to keep moisture and oils from your skin off of your firearm. It also acts as an index point to aid in re-holstering. 


What is "Cant"? 

Cant is the angle of the gun in relation to the body. We offer both "neutral" or "straight draw"  as well as a 10 degree cant. Neutral or straight draw cant means that the gun is straight up and down in line with the body.  A 10 degree cant has a slight forward angle so that the muzzle of the gun is rotated to point slightly to the rear. Some prefer the 10 degree cant to aid in concealment as it tends to reduce the amount that the butt of the grip pokes out under an article of clothing 


Do you offer wholesale pricing? 

We do offer wholesale pricing but you must contact us by email at or use our CONTACT FORM . 


I got my holster and I love it but it seems a little too tight. What can I do to fix this? 

If your holster has 1-2 screws in the front of the trigger guard holster, they are your retention adjustment screws. Turn the screws clockwise to tighten the retention, turn them counterclockwise to loosen the retention. 

The way a Kydex® holster gets its retention is from the molding process. The area inside and around the trigger guard is where most, if not all retention is focused. No one wants their gun falling out of their holster at the range or in a restaurant so we mold our holsters with aggressive retention so that does not happen. While we take every measure to ensure proper fitment of holster to firearm, there may be instances where the dimensions of our mold guns are slightly different from the actual firearm despite our efforts. In these rare cases your holster may fit too tight or lose. 

This is covered under our warranty and we will fix the issue free of charge. You should test the fit of your holster as soon as you get it before carrying in it. DO THIS WITH AN UNLOADED FIREARM. Make sure you are wearing the holster where you plan to carry it. Do not hold the holster in your hand to test fitment. This does not give you an accurate test as your off hand will be squeezing the holster, possibly making it more difficult to test. 

When inserting the weapon there should not be any major resistance until the trigger guard starts entering the holster. There will be some friction between the slide and holster which is expected but it should not be so much as to make holstering difficult. The weapon should fully seat into the holster with a slight "snap" or "pop" of the holster closing around the trigger guard. At this point, give the weapon a slight tug on the grip to ensure it will not come out of the holster with little effort. Now, grip the weapon with a firing grip and pull it out with moderate force. If you find yourself playing tug of war with the holster and the gun than it is probably too tight and should be sent back in for adjustments before carrying the firearm in the holster. 

If the weapon comes out with extremely little effort or falls out when turned upside down, your holster is too loose and should be sent back in. 

Please do NOT attempt to make these  physical alterations yourself as it voids your warranty. 


I ordered a holster with 1.5 inch belt clip but I bought a new belt that is bigger. Can I get bigger clips? 

Yes. You can now order bigger attachments from our website in Attachments

I lost the hardware for my holster! What do I do? 

If you lost your hardware that mounts the attachments to your holster or mag carrier, CONTACT US and we will make sure you are taken care of.  

There is some slippery, wet looking stuff inside my holster. What is that? 

Each holster that leaves our shop is treated with Quick Draw holster lube and protectant.  Quick Draw is the only holster lubricant specifically designed to give you an ultra-fast draw from the holster while also protecting the firearm and holster from micro-abrasions and dust build-up. Quick Draw says it  will extend the life of your holster!  

 If your question was not answered here, please email us at or use our Contact Us and we will respond as quickly as possible.