Single Pistol Mag and AR Mag Combo with MRD

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AR Magazine and Single Pistol Magazine Combo Carrier with Magazine Retention Device(MRD)

  • .08 Thick Kydex

  • Works with 9/40 Double Stack Magazines

  • Magazine Retention Device(MRD) to hold magazines securely

  • Adjustable Retention

  • Magazines can face either direction

  • Pistol mag is canted away from the AR Mag to allow for a secure grip.

Mounting holes allows the user to move the pistol magazine carrier forward or back on the AR Mag based on user preference. 

Works with the following attachments:

  • Tek Lok

  • MOLLE Lok


Custom Printed Kydex

If you would like a custom image on your Kydex, select "Custom Printed Kydex" from the drop down color menu. Name the image in your notes(ex. Texas Flag). After you complete your order, email the image you want to Be sure to include your invoice number in your email and any information on how you want it on your holster.(ex, centered on 1 side of the holster, Covering whole holster....etc). Please remember there are parts like screws, clips and belt attachments that may cover parts of the image. *There are no returns on custom printed Kydex holsters. ** We will not print copyrighted images or images that you are not the clear owner of.